Artist portfolio title




It looks like there's been an accident, some criminals have escaped...

The work reveals an intimate view of the world, and asks questions about our place in it. It revolves around structures, containment and people’s interaction with each other and the landscapes they have created for themselves.

The use of drawings, prints and sculptural objects, sometimes overlap to form a resulting piece. In theseries All Along, a rollercoaster alluding to an anlemma, little anonymous people are moving in different ways, people are falling off out of control, clambering, searching for themselves in a precarious existence, their uncertainty echoed in the brooding sky. Broken down into six A0 prints, it reads linearly and is offset by the suspended steel structure I see your light on.. 
where two figures have found a way to clamber onto the open spaces beyond, above the structures and the hook swinging like a perpetual pendulum.

In Onyx semtex kissesx it is the ambiguity of a moment, where the figures stay the same yet the cloud movement and the text changes, the picture can be read in many different ways. In an attempt to fragment an intense moment, the internal life of an individual and the varied ways people experience things. I cast these anonymous figures as empty encasements, their insides scrapped out, solid but hollow,
Waiting for their contents to be imposed, open armed and submissive.

Recent skylarks have the similar containment system, keeping them grounded, a desktop toy with a cog system to wind around, desire for order and the need to tame.

There, isn't that lovely and contained.